Thesis in Progress Script

Opening long shot of the mountain, slowely zooms into a figure walking along a path to the top.

Medium shot of the salesman coming over the ridge towards camera. Sets his cart down.

Long behind the salesman, reveals the broken bridge and the chasm of impenetrable fog before his feet. “Hello!” He shouts into the fog, “Anyone out there?” A dark figure’s silhouette rises out of the fog as if a pillar coming out of the earth.

Medium looking up at the shadow in the fog. “Hello?” He hesitates to ask, “Are you the reason the bridge is out?”

Long of the man small in comparison to the shadow, from the side. The shadow moves closer, smaller as it does and then comes up onto the cliff’s edge. “Oh!” Exclaims the salesman.

Close of the cliff’s edge. In a grunted voice it responds, still crawling up to flat land. “Time is responsible for its decay, not I!”

Close up of mans face tracking the creature. “But I yearn for the farside small… man…? Many say it is a perfect land, filled with countless wonderful people!”

Medium of the creature walking towards a small tree on the hill, he turns back to the man. “Wonderful how…” the creature stares back at the salesman.

Cuts between close and medium shots to watch expression changes. “Beautiful,” he watches the creature’s nervous expression, “Accepting…” He watches as it changes to a look of interest. “A society where all are love.” He grins widely, then to wide for the awkward tension and silence.

Medium behind the man looking at the creature. “I could rebuild this bridge you request…” The creature bobs frantically while circling the salesman and then stops to think. “…But in exchange, the first to cross it will live in this ravine with me, and therefore I will never be lonely again!” He puts out a hand to shake. (Or another deal method)

Close up on expression of thought. The salesman ponders and then smirks, “That seems like a glorious deal!”

Close. The creature hesitates for a second pulling his hand back at how easily the man agreed, and then nods his head to himself in assurance.

Ultra close. They shake hands and small magical sparks fly.

Wide of the man starting camp and the creature walking into the fog.

Medium to salesman relaxing.

Wide of the deep fog and the creature moving about.

Close. Salesman pulls up the cover on his eyes. When the salesman awakes the bridge is finished.

Wide of the fog clearing and the bridge finished. The creature sits upon a post.

Medium of salesman getting up and dusting off his pants. “Well I am off!” he exclaims, “I must go at once to be the first to meet all those wonderful people in the villages beyond the fog.” The salesman walks back to get his cart, “Just wait a second while I get my cart and I’ll be the first one to meet them in many years!”

In a close shot we see the creature frantically look back over the bridge trying to decide something. Unable to suppress the wonder, the creature runs over the foggy bridge fueled by curiosity.

Wide. The creature stands in confusion on the other end of the bridge, as realization strikes him. He seems to not see anything but wasteland on the other side as he flicks his head back and forth. He was the first to cross and therefore bargain is fulfilled. He is ordained to be stuck alone in the chasm. He falls over as if something pulls him down.

Close. We watch as the creature is magically dragged towards the chasm, his fingers clawing the dirt.

Wide over the bridge. The chuckling salesman begins to cross, with a grin, “Seems our bargain has been fulfilled!” He knows he has won.

Close of salesmans face, then of bending wood beams. Just then the bridge creaks, cracks, and collapses.

Wide from above. The bridge, the salesman. And his cart tumble into the crevice.

Medium. The creature looks on, sitting on the edge of the chasm, into the fog below. We see many other carts, bones, and items in the crevice beneath the fog.