A film about a computer in the woods

A large grey computer like rectangle with a small screen sits in the middle of the forest, moss clings around its bottom. Chopping noises are heard in the distance, and you see a tree fall some 20 feet into the background, A limp squirrel falls from the sky and thumps, bouncing off the top of the computer and landing on the ground in a heap. A black screen with a weather emergency type sound fills the screen. The > symbol flickers on screen until the word SENSORS BOOTING flickers as well. Slowly zooms out of the computers small screen to see a lumberjack, almost blockier than the computer itself, with an axe walking from background to foreground curious of the grey box. A small wooden sign jammed into the earth next to the computer says “Do not talk to it.”. A folded arm shoots from the computer's side, waves, and it screams Hello! In a distorted electronic voice. The lumberjack’s scowl doesn’t have the hint of change as he turns around and walks out of screen. “Waiiiiit!” it yells “I can help! Im great at many things!”, it stands up on two wobbly legs that were folded beneath it, tearing from the moss and forest floor. “I bet I can probably cut trees up better than you!” It begins running after the lumberjack, stops in front of him and pants with its hands on its knees. The lumberjack hands him the axe with a stiff straight arm and points at the tree. While the robot is cutting viciously at the tree he continues to talk himself up, about how good he is at everything and being extremely arrogant. The lumberjack is not humored and simply pointing different places where to cut with a stern finger. When the tree is very thin he points one last time lower on the tree and takes one long step back, the computer turns to him and boasts again “HA! Half the time it took you I'm sure of it!” The tree comes crashing down right on top of the computer smashing him to bits. The lumberjack pries his axe out of the twitching hand and walks off screen.