Big News!!!!

 am an amateur animator and I made 5 minute white water kayaking claymation for Lockapalooza (white water kayaking festival) and made 200 dollars that I
donated to lock 32. Later that year I entered my movie into a kayaking video contest (not a claymation contest) called Reel kayaking film festival. Just yesterday I got the results and I was very happy. It was 6:00 in the morning and... I was screaming .. I had won 1st place for the best short video. Besides the amazing amount of publicity I will get on my web, I won 500 dollars! ...I was stunned when I saw it and said immediately .. its going to clay animation... ok ok and a college fund or a car.. soo I am verrry happy... wow this is a big entry.. hey well I haven't posted in a while..oh well bye!!!! If you want to see it go here

the movie was too big to put on my site... but you can see a clip by going here