Critique and setups.

The sets in this film are more of eye trickery than anything. And its a pain in the boot to set up. As well as a ton of fun.

A forgotten deep sea diver puppet.

Not for any full film or anything, but hes a cool dude and almost done.

New film in the works. Stay tuned.

Working with lighting and other tests took a while, but its coming along well.

Bugged, an older film, finally out on Vimeo.

This one was in a festival a while ago so it stayed under Private, but now its out! Created IN UNDER 72 HOURS by Miranda Sider and I. Quite the weekend. Enjoy.
Bugged from Claydogh on Vimeo.

Animatic 5 w/ Credits

Shoot from last week

I still exist in this realm.

Had a real rough week. Heres some tid bits of things ive done. Full shots are on Vimeo from last weeks shoot I got in before I lost half my soul.